I don’t know what is annoying me more. Tumblr eating my post, or me being too lazy to write it out again.

I just spent far too long responding to a comment and after I hit publish, tumblr decides it’s a grand idea to delete all of it.

"If white American entitlement meant anything, it meant that no matter how patronizing, unashamed, deliberate, unintentional, poor, rich, rural, urban, ignorant, and destructive white Americans could be, black Americans were still encouraged to work for them, write to them, listen to them, talk with them, run from them, emulate them, teach them, dodge them, and ultimately thank them for not being as fucked up as they could be."
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except we didn't elect harper. He is there because they rigged votes. trudeau is just as bad as he is, they've just faked being good for longer. We need another option. People need to finally decide on a primary party. PLEASE.

We absolutely need another option, but the broken and deplorable state of the system annihilates and even vilifies this idealism and the potential for reform.

Until Canadians can en masse cooperate to rebuild our government and society on the micro level, we are forced to pick between two evils. Essentially “Who is gonna fuck up the country less”

Gisele Bündchen, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Vogue, June 2006.

Gisele Bündchen, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Vogue, June 2006.

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isn't voting for someone just to get harper out really stupid though?

I never said it was a great idea, but this is the reality of our current political world.

And anyway, we’ve done dumber things. You know, like elect Harper in the first place.

People have been critical of the vagueness of Justin Trudeau’s policy and his overall plan for the Liberals, but come on. Talk about genius strategy. Because of his likability and the last-name-factor, a good amount of the electorate generally want him to succeed and by not being definitive in what his platform will encompass, he has allowed voters to project their ideals onto him. Now that he has won, you better believe that he’ll be increasingly open on policy.

True, this trust that the public has placed on Trudeau may be unfounded, but I feel that regardless of this, the Liberals ultimately want the person with the greatest chance to defeat Harper in the next election to lead their party. At the moment, that person is Justin Trudeau. Ambiguity is a price many will pay for that end result.